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Created for
Web3 enthusiasts looking to acquire on-chain proof of their expertise
Companies looking to improve their employees’ knowledge of Web3 mechanics
How it works
It's 31 questions for 20 minutes only.
Covering all the Web3 basics
Once you finish the test, one of four special NFTs will be dropped to your wallet or email as Proof of knowledge.
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What people say
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to check my level of blockchain knowledge. I’m happy to learn more about it now!
The test was great and perfect, I literally didn't know some of the questions, and now I do. I have learned a lot here, and I'm good to go
I've learned a lot from this quiz. Thanks!
Definitely a thorough knowledge test. Keep it going!
This is a great memory refresher test; for me, it's never too late to repeat something
A good test that can show a really deep level of Web3 knowledge. For me, as an amateur, it was difficult.
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